HEBE is a label that emphasizes what is most important in kidswear: fun, imagination, comfort and quality.

The kids clothing brand HEBE pays attention to the traces of different animals, maybe the last ones left. This is why the clothes of the SS17 collection are decorated with the infrequent, threatened or endangered animals’ – pandas, elephants and tigers – printings. Comfortable and playful design gets coloured in the hazy pink, peach, peppermint, sky blue and ashy grey tones. The collection is supplemented with the clothing line for adults. The activities and aims of the brand are supported ideologically and informatively by the World Wildlife Fund and the music band Carnival Youth.

Founded in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Riga, HEBE is a label that emphasizes what is most important in kidswear: fun, imagination, comfort and quality.

HEBE was created with a belief in not only designing great clothing but also making the world a better place. Caring about ethical production cycle, social and environmental responsibility, we will never compromise our values and are proud to be well received by media, parents and most importantly – kids. With ever–changing designs and illustrations on HEBE clothing, the essence remains the same – only the best for our children!

HEBE offers comfy and playful design clothing of excellent quality, produced with the utmost care and love for boys and girls, aged 0 to 12. Tops, sweaters, leggings, skirts, dresses, bodysuits and other beautiful creations are characterised by HEBE signature prints – hand drawn illustrations. Produced in a variety of sizes, our clothing does not wear out and can be passed on to the next generations or shared among siblings. Matching great quality fabrics with tailoring, executed by professionals, results in a product that can live through your children’s childhood with minimal signs of wear.

HEBE HOME line features visually harmonious and cosy bedding, sleepwear and design toys in matching aesthetics and unique, enlivening prints, embellished with meticulously embroidered details.

All garments and HEBE HOME line products consist of 90% GOTS certified organic cotton.

With its heart and soul – the founder Inga Blumberga, HEBE would be nothing without its team! We strive to be a company of great friends, professionals, team players and patriots of what we do. Times change but values stay the same – we convey our moral, ethical and artistic beliefs into what we give to the world in terms of design, quality, social and ethical equality. HEBE takes pride in a collective that knows each other’s families and looks after the mutual well–being.

All HEBE clothing is produced locally, in a little, homey manufactory in the heart of Riga, Latvia, by highly qualified, harmonically employed and happy workers. All design and graphic work is developed by in–house specialists, and the manufacture takes place just a couple of steps away from our office, which makes it easy to oversee every stage of the process. HEBE believes in fair trade, employing women and mothers, offering them a safe and friendly work environment.

Putting emphasis on ethical sourcing and production, we aim to be as transparent in our processes as we can. Our efforts lie in manufacturing wisely and consciously not to overproduce or leave leftovers, and save up water and energy resources. We strictly believe in using natural materials such as GOTS certified organic cotton that is not treated with harmful chemicals and is provided by trusted European suppliers. Production of garments, label tags, prints and packaging is done in Latvia, but other necessary details are ordered from neighbouring countries, thus cutting the distance from the producer to the user. HEBE uses recycled paper for label tags, and a combined biodegradable material for the shopping bags that decomposes in nature in three years’ time.

HEBE works in collaboration with the Latvian Association of World Wildlife Fund.


HEBE - SS17 "Footprint"

HEBE - FW16 "Nordic Heritage"