Džeims Miezis

Dzeims Miezis won second place in the contest "Young Talent" with his pre-fall 2017 collection.


The creation of Ivar Heinrihson was chosen as the main source of inspiration, borrowing the principle of opposites (expressive and peaceful), which in the clothes expresses in the colours of the chosen material. The main aim of the collection was to stylistically expand the boundaries of the classic men’s wardrobe. Consequently making changes, not only to make the clothing more comfortable, but also visually impressive. The newly-created type (image) is self-confident and rebellious. With the help of the clothes the wearer not only expresses his pulsating nature, but also stands out in the turbulent big city environment, creating strong and inspiring image of a man.


Džeims Miezis - pre-fall '17