Melānija Vilka “Young Talent” Finalist

Melānija Vilka has graduated the fashion design department of the Academy of Arts of Latvia in 2017, and continues her studies for the master’s degree. Last year she participated in the competition “The new talent” with the collection “Pacoshark”, and currently participates in the competition of the new stylists “The master of Riga style”.

Collection “City Gardener” is Melanija’s graduation work. It is based on the idea of a woman – a gardener, who is exploring herself and reaching for perfection through gardening. The initial idea has come from a classical tailoring, where the form and silhouette depend on functionality, with a great stress laid on proportion. A cherry tree has been selected as a symbolic connection of the whole idea, symbolizing a tree of happiness which for the author also embodies a feminine maturity and confidence.