Ksenija Belca-Beslere un Anete Agneta Krišjanova “Young Talent” Finalists

Ksenija Belca-Beslere has graduated Latvia Academy of Arts this year, BA in fashion art, continues her studies for MA. She is the creator and developer of the female clothing brand KBB. Anete Agneta Krišjanova has graduated Latvia Academy of Arts with MA this year, and continues her doctoral studies. She has designed costumes for dance shows and short films, and considers creation of the brand BRA1NBOW as her main call.

The capsule collection SAVORY has been inspired by the rainbow tree and its visual features of multi – colour and layers. The collection contains a game of variety with cuts and fabric – velvet, jeans, chamois leather imitation, lace and wickerwork. It allows playing with the image and adjusting to different weather conditions and events.